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Meet The Hosts


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The green guy from TeraBriteGames!


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The blue guy from RussoPlays!


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The purple girl from TeraBriteGames!

About Us

RB Battles is created and produced by DJMonopoli, RussoTalks and SabrinaBrite. Coming from their own separate Roblox YouTube channels, the 3 creators joined forces to create Roblox Battles on YouTube as a collaborative channel where other Roblox creators could be featured in various battles and challenges played within Roblox.



Soon after the creation of the YouTube channel, the hosts of RB Battles created a lineup of 16 top Roblox creators to face off in a tournament. After reaching out to Roblox and explaining the project, Roblox was excited to support the first ever influencer created Roblox event. While all creative freedom and production is done by the hosts, Roblox supports the RB Battles yearly Championship with a 1 million robux prize to the winner, an official event page and Roblox catalog prize items provided by the hosts.