Much more than just minigames...

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Job - Gameplay Programmer
Salary - $3,000 USD Monthly


     We’re looking for experienced Gameplay Programmers to join our team and work together with 3 other talented developers to write functional, polished, and efficient code while following the conventions and code styling our current team has set. What we are looking for are developers who can create unique minigames, new content in the main RB Battles experience, and help to develop our vision for the Season 3 Championship event which millions look forward to each year.


     Because we strive to always stand out and create things the community has never seen before, this project requires a lot of dedication and passion. This is a remote position open to anyone 18 years or older who is willing to work closely with our current team.


  • Write high quality and efficient Lua code and ensure your code is both native to our codebase and uses industry-standard approaches.

  • Be willing to learn our Git/Rojo fully managed workflow, windows commandline, as well as learn from existing code.

  • Account for the entire development process and be accommodating with making tweaks, polishing and revisiting previous work.

  • Create intuitive gameplay that feels good to the player.

  • Be part of the creative process when coming up with ideas and design that align with the RB Battles brand.

  • Communicate clearly and kindly to others within the project.

  • Participate in code reviews, documentation, polishing code and helping the team solve problems.

  • Fluent communication in the English language.

  • Test your progress and updates thoroughly.

  • 18+ and willing to sign an NDA


​Please provide the following:

  • Your resume

  • Samples of your code that demonstrates your skills

  • Why you want to work at RB Battles Games

  • Links to any playable games you've worked on and how you contributed to the game